Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Research Studies That Need You and How To Find Them

I love it when something that makes sense happens. The National Institutes of Health has created something that makes a lot of sense. It’s called “Research Match”. Research Match is a website that matches people who are interested in being in a study with the researches who need them.

I work at teaching hospital/research university so people ask me all the time “are there any studies at UAB I can be in?” And I never know the answer because there are too many studies going on for me to keep up with. This is a scenario I am sure happens all over the country. Now my university – the University of Alabama at Birmingham – has joined with 51 other institutions across the country to take part in the NIH’s “Research Match”. All you have to do is visit: and register on their site. They’ll connect you with researchers in your area whose studies you may be want to join. Talk about a win/win that makes good sense!

Beth Kitchin, MS, RD
Assistant Professor, Nutrition Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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