Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrate! It's National Nutrition Month!

I know that everybody's got a month. But this month really is special for the Nutrition Trends website. Our local Birmingham Dietetic Association polled its members, asking them for their top nutrition tips. We'll focus on one tip a week to celebrate the month.

This week's top tip is: Go Meatless Once a Week! You don't have to give up meat and become a vegetarian to get the benefits of eating less meat. Less meat, more phyto (plant) foods is a good health message for everyone - even meat lovers! To find out more about how a few meatless meals a week can help you, check out our column:  Meatless in America 

The first step to going meatless is finding recipes. This site has some great ones, especially for chili:  http://www.meatlessmonday.com/

Have fun with your meatless meals and post you ideas for tasty meatless dishes!

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  1. Lots of regular recipes can be converted easily to vegetarian recipes by substituting tofu for the poultry/pork/meat. Chicken Pot Pie is one that comes to mind.

    Soups are a mainstay from fall to spring: make-it-up-as-you-go-along variations on vegetable soup with lentils and barley or white beans.

    The cookbook "Vegetarian Times: Low Fat and Fast" has some good recipes including Greek Bulgur and Spinach Skillet Fry.

    Another tasty favorite is "Bulgur Mexicana" which came out of a very old and discarded vegetarian cookbook.